White Label Solutions

Our platform is designed for agencies, resellers and partners who offer the software under their own brand to end-users.

Create your own branded version of the app for your clients to use self-service. Alternatively, use the dedicated agency dashboard to manage multiple accounts at lightning speed.

Agency Dashboard

Got clients? We’re built for you

Manage Client Accounts

Get aggregate information for all of your client accounts in one dashboard. See new reviews, sent requests and active locations, or drill down to manage each account individually. Customize multiple attributes for any account and create your own tiered packages to maximise revenue.

Each client can sign in and have access to their specific account through your dedicated subdomain (e.g. app.youragency.com).

Account Configuration

Additional revenue within the hour

Decide on a subdomain (e.g. app.youragency.com), add a logo and some basic details and you're set. Your clients now have a complete suite of tools to manage their reputation and local marketing online.

Our white label platform is feature-rich and designed with SMEs in mind. Beautiful, uncluttered design means less support and hand-holding needed for your clients while also boosting usage and retention.


Your client's data, wherever and whenever they need it

Push anything that happens inside Flyte out to numerous CRM Systems, Email Marketing Platforms or selected advertising networks such as Facebook or Google to create custom audiences for better targeting.

Push entire customer records, or export sentiment tags to enrich the data that already lives elsewhere.


Replicate best practice with account templates

Every new client account is deployed with a standard set of campaigns, email templates, sms messages and feedback landing pages. Create your own set of tested, best-practice templates and deploy them to new client accounts with a few clicks.

Need to create a bunch of Spanish language accounts with a seven email sequence, no SMS and a landing page that collects NPS scores? Create a template and deploy it for a new client with two clicks, saving valuable time for more important tasks.

No Small Print. Unlimited complimentary accounts!

We believe in only ever charging you for live accounts that generate revenue. Any account you create to provide a demo for a client is on us, providing you mark it as a demo account before a full month has elapsed.

Unlike our competitors we also have no setup charges, no charges for adding your domain or white-labelling, no charges for using the API and no monthly charges too. Simply pay for each company in your account once they’ve been active for more than 28 days.

Multi language

Explore new territories in any language

SMEs in the US may already be familiar with the idea of review management and local search, but a much larger opportunity exists in other countries where the idea is still relatively new but rapidly growing.

Get the early mover advantage in Latin America, recruit new clients in Europe or give your existing clients in different countries a platform in their own language. We have full support for English, Portuguese and Spanish and other languages can be added on request.

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