Performance Insights

We take readily available information, and use machine learning and sentiment analysis to surface deep insights about a company.

Use the same analysis on your client’s competitors to generate instant competitive intelligence, updated in real-time and normalized for easy comparison and benchmarking.

Location Performance

Competitive insights for brands and multi-location businesses

Businesses now have instant access to a wealth of data, direct from consumers. Reviews, customer feedback platforms and social media posts can surface what customers genuinely think about a company.

Competitive Insights

This data is widely available without slow and expensive focus groups or mass surveys. The first issue for many businesses is knowing how to find and aggregate this data. The second is knowing how to turn unstructured and uncategorised feedback into something objective, data driven and actionable.

Make a difference with Performance Insights

Competitive intelligence based retargeting

On demand competitive intelligence

Instantly analyze customer sentiment on local competition to spot opportunities and weaknesses. See their strongest and their weakest performing products and services.

Our users generate insights that increase their PPC and map click-through rates, with location-specific campaigns that speak directly to their customer’s pain points and emphasise their company’s strongest values.

Visual Dashboard

Machine learning without the complexity

Everyone loves a buzz-word, but complexity increases the amount of support you have to offer the end-user. We hide the complexity of what we do to present a simple interface that your clients can use without guidance to see what’s happening at every level of their business.

We use machine learning to understand the sentiment of every sentence written publicly about a company or brand. Pattern recognition automates the process of creating and categorizing those insights. Your clients see a visual dashboard that shows how their business performed over time, segmented by anything from store to geographic region to manager.

Team Mentions

Create incentives based on metrics that matter

Rewarding employees on bottom-line metrics like profit, can fail to motivate staff that have little direct influence on the business as a whole.

Performance Insights let clients track and reward employees based on customer satisfaction; something anyone in a customer facing role can directly influence creating a stronger motivation to provide outstanding service.

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