Sentiment Based Marketing

Increase conversions by sending highly targeted messaging to different groups based on how they felt about a business, not just what they previously purchased or claimed to like.

Sentinment Based Marketing

Build Smarter Campaigns

Campaigns perform better when you segment. The problem is that we've been limited to segmenting by what customers have done in the past, rather than how they feel now about a business or brand.

Choosing different media, messaging and offers for customers based on how they feel results in better campaign ROI, higher engagement, improved customer retention and more brand loyalty.

Flyte provides the tools to quickly analyse sentiment, and store or export that data to any platform that needs it.

Sentiment Based Campaign

Create multi-stage marketing automation based on sentiment

A campaign can be as simple as an SMS request for feedback, but when you need a little more, we've got that covered too. The campaign builder lets you or your client quickly create multi-stage campaigns that work differently for customers at different ends of the satisfaction scale.

Need to automatically send a buy one get one free offer by SMS to your promoters, 3 days after their purchase? No problem.

Want a "Sorry we messed up, here's the personal cell number of your store manager" 4 email autoresponder sequence to go out to upset customers only, immediately after their bad experience? We've got you there too.

Businesses and Brands use Flyte to

Better Messaging

Create better messaging

Using data on a consumer's recent experience, our users can customize everything they then see, from display ads to social media posts through to the images and copy that appear when they arrive on a landing page.

Drive brand loyalty and increase the frequency of purchase for customers that are already 'fans'. Increase customer retention and reduce churn for those who are indifferent or dissatisfied.

Customer Churn

Increase customer retention

It costs at least 5x more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Research from Bain & Company (the inventors of the Net Promoter Score), shows increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

With accurate real time data on who the most likely customers to never return are, businesses can prioritize and allocate resources where they're needed the most.

Incentive Programs

Create referral programs

Happy customers are far more likely to spread the word with a little encouragement. Target customers most likely to refer or promote your business and accelerate the process with an incentive schemed designed exclusively for them.

Identify brand ambassadors for customer development, feedback and testimonials for social proof.

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